Fares AlHarbi

Formally: Mathematics student, with interest in Computer Science. Sometimes I work on the intersection between Mathematics & CS.

Informally, I have a long-time interest in ideas and analyzing them, which leads me somehow to fall in love with Mathematics, the abstracted beauty! I believe in Mathematics as a way to describe our world with soul depth. Plus, I do Nerdy & Arty stuff in my free time.


Research Interest

It's a huge list, but currently -the next 6 to 8 months- :

  • Differential Geometry.
  • Group Theory.
  • Complexity & Computability Theory.

If you are interested in one of them, and looking for research collaboration, contact me!


Newsletter - Notes in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Nerdy stuff

Languages & Stack

I learn concepts, not frameworks!


I'm here to share some codes. No obligation to publish, No commitment to maintain and develop.
If you willing to request an industry-based service please checkout ≡ Mod(N) where I can help in a better way.

Arty stuff

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